Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life's interruptions !!!! Just Re-position your self!!

 Hello ladies it has been a while and I know you all are wondering where have you been sister? Well ladies I apologies for my absence. Since this is a platform to let your hair down with your girlfriends here it goes. I have been working really hard worth two jobs, in school and managing motherhood of an 11 year old boy and 8 year old girl. I was having a tough time getting motivated to write. Yes, it is the truth. I was all out of steam. I also had to deal with lacking sleep. I must say as you mothers and especially single mothers out there know it is tough being the CEO of your house. I was once married with my ex-husband's support to split the responsibilities.

Unfortunately that is not the case today. However I press on and do the best that I can.  It is amazing how in many cases (not all of course) men get to live their lives with their new found freedom and we get the bulk of the work. Well I could let bitterness occupy in my mind rent free but, I don't think so. I have to be my best me for my children. I re-positioned my mental self and embraced my skill-set as a mother. I refused to fall apart. I remember watching Oprah's Master Class the other night and Robin Roberts was the star speaking. I was preoccupied but listening at the same time. I heard her say "Be the leading lady in your world". I looked up and she was showing her journey through breast cancer. I popped up and told myself you are capable and wonderfully made by the most high divine God.. Get up and live your purpose.

Ladies re-position yourselves, the space in your minds, in your heart, home, jobs, and some of  the old baggage (dead beat boyfriends). Whatever the change it is an opportunity to grow and learn. One thing we can be certain of is change. I like to call them life interruptions. They happen in all our lives at one time or another. It could be the bombshell of a husband cheating, a surprise sickness, a foreclosure on a home, a misbehaving child or a sudden death of a close friend. Whatever the interruption, we are forced to push through. We are challenged in character, in integrity, in love, and maturity. We are guaranteed change. How you choose to adjust to the change is the key. You take that pain and transform it with prayer, chanting, meditating. You have to allow yourself quiet space so you can hear your inner voice. The voice that you were created with. It is your alarm clock; your warning signal.. It is there you conquer your thought, dreams, and ideals of yourself.  We should never let anyone take us out of character so much that we lose the core goodness of ourselves. Its just an interruption. The greatest revenge is success. So when these interruptions come into play the best thing you could do is re-position yourself and press towards success. You are more than worth it. Ladies it is GREAT to be back... Stay tuned.

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