Thursday, January 13, 2011


Welcome to a blog that celebrates YOU the WOMEN of every walk of life. The Sisterhood of Color Blind Women.

Sisterhood: 1. An organization of women with a common interest, as for social, charitable, business, or political purposes. 2.Congenial relationship or companionship among women; mutual female esteem, concern, support etc... 3. Usually, the sisterhood, the community or network of women who participates in or support feminism.

As I look up the definition of sisterhood I am thinking to myself what will this gathering of women mean to one another. I am more than excited to congregate with all of you and see how different we are and what walk of life we have come from. I really know and understand the importance of support and friendship. There is something so powerful about women coming together assertively to uplift one another. Some of you are single, single with children, married, married with children and some are retired and have been there and done it all. (We love you!!) Imagine all the advice and wisdom to pass along. Imagine all the recipes for food, sickness remedies, love, patience, and understanding that could be obtained .This is clearly not place to throw on airs and flex muscles but rather a place to let your hair down and be girls again in the dorm room after cramming for finals. I invite you today to invest in yourself by investing in one another. Let us do inventory of ourselves and examine what we need and want this blog to mean to us. I thought it would only make sense to have each woman write in the comment space their opinion and perception of women and lets begin the vent session. This way we can filter and re-establish what is our birth right: intuition, nurturing love, strength, confidence, nourishment of the soul and TRUST. Ladies we will have culture, pain, happiness and a plethora of very informative information. Shall we? Let's begin our journey in being Color Blind Women of the women race.


  1. Dina,I am so proud to have you as my Daughter In-Law :} - This blog will capture so much: communication - wealth - knowledge - wisdom - tears - happiness and most of all understanding for each and every women/sister.

    Diane McKinley

  2. My perception of women are both positive and questionable. The reason I chose the word questionable instead of negative is, as long as there is a question, there lies an answer.

    We embody the strength to carry the world on our shoulders and a weakness that allows us to know our strength. At our time of weakness our inner self makes us be strong. When we don't listen to our inner self, another woman comes along and uses her strength to show us ours.

    The "Positive" - Women are nurturing, caring, strong, confident, intelligent, great home makers, educated, loving, thoughtful, leaders, etc. etc. etc.....

    The "Questionable" - Women: stay in relationships, yet wonder when or if they should leave; put everyone before themselves; say no but wonder if they should have said yes; say yes but are convinced they should have said no; have a good man at home, but still isn't satisfied (no relationship is perfect, I know, I know, I know)....have a sorry man at home, but loves the ground he walks on; like I said earlier, every question has an answer...This is just a few examples to show, we will always have questions!!

    I can go on and on and on, but that's all for now. Sister-in-law, this blog will help and heal so many.

    Cynthia Shackleton

  3. Dina, your writing is truly inspiring and warm. There is definetly information that we can all relate too, as we undergo certain life stresses and emotional imbalances. It has been great knowing you and a blessing knowing the women God mended. Keep writing as we read and listen. Shirley