Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time to get our money STRAIGHT!!!

More than ever we are in a society that is feeding us the constant news of recession. During this hard and maybe even impossible time we need to prepare our mind for financial success. This is the time to step out on faith and trust your instincts. What are your gifts? Not what others have as gifts but, yours exclusively. It may be something you take for granted like organizing, cooking, losing weight (exercising), talking or reading. What ever your hobby is that you love to do. That you would do  for free. It is time to tap into it. I love to write and talk to people about empowering themselves. So I wrote a blog to empower women. You never know where your fortune lies. Get online do your research; ask question and most importantly don't look for affirmation. YOU ARE ALL THE AFFIRMATION YOU NEED!!!! TRUST IN the GIFT in YOU!!! TRUST YOU!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how many times we let other people's opinions talk us out of our future destined for us. It is sad! You should be your biggest cheerleader. If you have other to cheer for you than great. If not that is ok. What belongs to you cannot be duplicated. It is your gift especially assigned to you. Don't waste it. It is never too late. Just think outside the box. Once you do that it is time to think of how it can make a profit for you. On your mark, get set now GO!! I cannot wait to receive the comments on what you discovered. Good luck and have a fun time rediscovering your heart's joy!!


  1. I have got some gifts cooking. I am so excited about digging deep into myself to find my gifts and to step out on faith with them.

  2. Great point alot of us don't trust what we have as gifts we take them for granted. I enjoy organizing and as a result I started charging people to help them get organized. I really think I am going to start a business doing this kind of work. Awsome insight thanks.