Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello ladies it's been awhile. The constant moving and shaking of life just gets in the way of breathing at a normal pace at times. My thoughts today is about the value of women. As I observe day in and day out the movement and conversation of women. I can't help but to giggle. We are all so different and colorful in our looks,thoughts, our expressions, verbiage and opinion. Where does the image of ourselves come from? Some may say their mother. Others may say media or lack of certain components can shape us as women as well. The men we choose as mates can have a huge effect on how we view ourselves at time. The men in our lives that we declare our love for; how does he not value all of what you have to offer. The woman that sacrificed her body to extend the man's legacy. How does he value you when he dismisses your thoughts and opinions? To often we find ourselves in these relationships that we invest in only to wake up and not recognize ourselves anymore. How does that happen? How does the man WE CHOSE who have broken our heart;cause us from ever letting our hearts love again; when the very fiber of our makeup is encompassed around LOVE. We allow the brokenness to do so much damage. We own the pain to the point it cripples us in our finances, dreams, sexuality, self esteem, and worst our worth!! It is time to look mirror and have a heart to heart talk with the soul in you. You know the one closest to the Divine, God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah and Jesus. There is that voice in you that tries to remind you how great you were together before you were coerced into the lies about your power and your worth. Tell the voice how sorry you are and how much you miss her. Tell her that this was not the plan and it is NEVER NEVER NEVER to late to change the situation. You may be afraid to make a move but it is pushing through the fear that provides growth and success. Don't be enslaved in your mind. Lets go to mental and emotional battle to reclaim who we are. That means every time your mind says I can't do this or you are not good enough, or pretty enough, you can't lose the weight, your not intelligent enough, I want you to replace it with I am a child of God heir to his thrown through him I can accomplish anything. Say it over and over until you believe it. Make this your new truth from now on. You are enough and let me be the first to say with my heart I LOVE YOU and ALL that YOU STAND FOR!!!!! Know that I am an ADVOCATE FOR YOU MY SISTER!! WE are CITIZENS of the HUMAN RACE!!!! Remember you are contributors of mother earth..RECLAIM!!

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