Monday, December 24, 2012

What is Christmas to you????

Its amazing how fast time flies by when we continue to be busy people. I tend to feel like every year Christmas comes and I am NEVER prepared.. I watch as families gather together to do their family traditions like, shopping, skiing, ice skating, plays and church events...

I have not been able to truly declare what this holiday means to me. I mean my last true memory of Christmas as a child was when I was twelve years old and it all encompassed around my church and school. I think that was the last time I was excited about it and I mean truly excited. My love that was tied to it was the singing in the choir at church. Understanding that this holiday for me was about the birth of Jesus Christ. Understanding the significance of the birth being in a manger and not in a castle. The three wise men and their role. Needless to say it was all about my spirituality.

Well quite obvious I am no longer twelve years old. I now have a family of my own. I am now a single mother who has to create the Christmas meaning for my two children. What is that meaning?
Well I teach my children the teachings of my beliefs and I explain to them that its the giving that really counts. We usually do some volunteering in order to give them a real perspective on being blessed and having gratitude for what they have.  Christmas in my family is about being the person with the pitcher pouring into others cup. Rather than having your hands open to receive. I now challenge you to contemplate what does Christmas mean to you?

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