Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY 2013 QUEENS!!!!!

Happy New Year my Queens!!!!! Can you believe it? The year is 2013 and I am extremely excited about life and the living life on purpose with a purpose. Today, I want to kick start color blind women's OFFICIAL RELAUNCH!!! This year the conversation is going to be very interactive... We will actually meet one another and have round table conversation with men, children ,health educators and more. I cannot wait!! I invite you to this sister circle to uplift you and be the girlfriend that reminds you how awesome you are when you can't ; to hold you accountable to your dreams when you feel discouraged, to love you past your pain when you don't recognize yourself in the mirror; and of course to celebrate all your milestones and accomplishments. This is your platform to be informed and to be embraced by positive energy..I am Dina McKinley and I am THIS year I am a single mother of two;a gem of a boy 10 and a gem of a girl 7yrs old. I am a sister,friend, counselor,advocate, and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to uplifting sisters to be the BEST VERSION of THEMSELVES...

I challenge you this year to evaluate what does your best you look like and what do you think is preventing it? What is the cause of any short coming you possess and how can we get you out of that space. This year no more excuses. They are chants of nothingness... This year is about putting things into action.. Lets go ladies, we will be learning about love, motherhood, health, money and much much more... Be a DOER and not a TALKER.. OWN YOUR HAPPINESS in a whole space.. Learn to communicate and stop settling. BE what you expect... This way you can draw the right energy around you... Learn your love language, and your mates so you can communicate properly to one another. Let's learn how to celebrate our good men and our boys so they can grow being good men who knows how great support looks like. We are not sisters who exclude our men we welcome their input and point of view..  So let the RELAUNCH BEGIN!!!! I will be talking to you soon. Remember live life on purpose with a purpose.... I love you all can't wait to hear from you.

Email me at dinamckinley@ gmail.com..
When you email me your goals and dreams I will email you back to point you in the right direction and connections. I will be checking in regularly to  hold you accountable to your dreams... So reach out and be in-touch. LOVE PEACE and HARMONY!!

Dee ;--)

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  1. Happy New Year!!!This year I am going to be a better me! I am going to love harder, work harder, and occasionally play hard :). At this stage in my life, I understand that I only have 1 life to live and I refuse to live with regrets. I accept I will make mistakes, but as long as my intentions are good and there isn't malice, in my heart, then I will take it as a learning experience.

    I have created a new career goal, for myself, which will take longer than a year before I can jump start it, but that's ok! I'm excited! I will work on my mind, my body, and spirit!