Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015!!!!

Ladies, we did it we survived another year of existence. How do you feel? I just know that this year is awaiting you with great expectation. I know some of you had some challenging days in 2014. I had my share of interesting chapters to add to my book of life. Some people had loss, promotions, confusion, sickness, relocations, depressions and some triumphs. Regardless of where you were, prays be to the Master of creation we survived  to add  to the pages of our life.

So what's the plan? Many people have a laundry list of New Years resolutions. New workout regimes, no more smoking, no more cursing, leaving negativity behind, starting a business, etc...
You know what I love about the turn of a new year? It is the unification of positivity in most people. Everyone wants and hopes to do something to better themselves. I love the concept that this positive vibration is happening. There is so much power in that. For as long as you have air in your lungs you are here with a purpose.

I challenge you for 2015 to tap into your purpose. How do I do that you ask? Well I am glad you ask!
Simply find a way to serve others or a cause and not let yourself be the focus. I truly believe when we find a space of selflessness our purpose is usually wrap in it. Purpose, what does that mean? Well here is the dictionary's noun and verb definition.

1.The reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.
2. An intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.
3. Determination; resoluteness.
4. The subject in hand; the point at issue.
5. Practical result, effect, or advantage:
    to act to good purpose.
6. To set as an aim, intention.  
   to intend; design.
7.To resolve (to do something):
As you see above purpose is about performing an act, its aiming and intentional. For this year pay attention to what you are able to do for someone else to cause a change or help in a positive way, without effort. Try to pay attention to what selfless act makes you feel full and fulfilled. For me it is helping people, speaking life into people, and most of all I love to sing and worship God. I fill so full when I can do those things. Something about being able to be used intentionally to make a person or situation better is an amazing feeling. I ask you to please try it and see if this can become a new normal for you.
Well ladies, I am happy to be here with you, we will have so many intimate talks this year. We will tackle some hard topics but real essential ones. We will have fun getting fit, healthy physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Let's do it. Let's live on purpose with a purpose.
Love, Peace and Harmony your sister,

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